30 day blogging venture: Day 24

Day 24: a photo of something that means a lot to you
Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved animals from fish and birds to dogs, bunnies and cats. These are my 2 little critters. We have a dog {Heidi} and kitty {Jackson}. I never though animals could have so much personality, but these 2 certainly have their own.

One the 1st day of Jackson's arrival he barely weighted enough to move the hand on the scale and Heidi was terrified. She wouldn't go near him, but after a few years they have become pretty good friends. They seem to bond the most in the winter when fighting over the same fireplace, unless Jackson steals the dog's bed {that is what's going on in the picture above}.

While they do take a lit of work, they are rewarding and the best friends you could ever wish for to greet you when you come home or snuggle with at night.

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