30 day blogging venture: Day 28

Day 28: your favorite movie

This is a tough one. Not going to lie I love watching movies, from action thrillers, to romantic comedies, to bloody medical mysteries. I love them all, well except the really scary disturbing movies, I really don't need any more reasons to not sleep well at night. I already have plenty of those. Anyway out of all of those movies that I love there is one series that can never be touched. There is one set of movies that you just can't compare to any others and I think many others will agree with me. Any guesses?

Well if you guessed Star Wars at first you would have been very close {my second favorite series} but no, for me The Lord of the Rings steals the #1 spot. These movies have a way of pulling my into a world of their own filled with their own languages, people, way of life, culture, race, customs....

It is a whole world of its self and I am always eager to enter into its land of fantasy.

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