30 day blogging venture: Day 22

Day 22: a letter to someone who has hurt you recently
This is not a letter to any person. This is to pain and suffering itself. {deep, I know}

I have been very blessed in my lifetime: I have a loving family who is my ultimate support system, all of my grandparents are well and happy, I have amazing friends who will never know how thankful of them I am, I have a wonderful home filled with more that I ever need....but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been twists and turns along the way. That doesn't mean that my life is perfect.

There have also been many struggles that seemed to overcome me in my lifetime. I have lost many people that I love by either leaving this world, or by choosing to not be a part of my life anymore. The latter has been the most difficult for me to overcome. Some times that pain and suffering come in the form of a falling out with a friend or even worse a break up. Friends can mend anything, but a break up leaves you empty inside. This quote summarizes it best: 'Once there was no 2 hearts so open, no feelings so in harmony. Now we are strangers, worse than strangers for we may never become acquainted. It is perpetual estrangement.'

While pain and suffering have certainly entered my life, they do not define it. They do not define me. I won't let them.

Through these trials and tribulations I have come through them a different person. I have fought the loneliness, the sadness, the resentment, the anger to realize just how wonderful life can be. The world holds so much joy and who are we to not enjoy all that we have been blessed with.

In a strange way I am thankful for all of the hard times that I've endured. It's all the bad days, sleepless nights, and buckets of ice cream that seem to put the joys of life into perspective.

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