Thanksgiving gone with a blink

It seemed like weeks that we were all waiting for the Thanksgiving break, but in a few days it was gone along with all the leftovers. I know it's been a few weeks, but I haven't even shared anything since then! I got to spend Thanksgiving break with Josh and my family. It wasn't the most leisurely extended weekend with working 3 out of the 5 days, but a break from school and spending time with family and Josh is leisure enough for me. Here were just a few of our endeavours:

: walking the turkey trot on brisk Thanksgiving morning
: trying new recipes and experimenting around the kitchen
: watching Josh stuff the turkey while I stood back trying not to be sick {I don't do too well with raw meet, especially with a 24 pound turkey, yes 24 pounds!}

: watching the Macy's Parade while cooking in the fragrant kitchen
: teaching Josh a few of our Ryan Thanksgiving traditions
: venturing out early on Black Friday {for the 1st time} with caution for the enthusiastic shoppers
: watching movies and relaxing with full tummies and sleepy eyes
: being thankful for the many gifts that God has blessed us with

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