all it takes

All it takes is a little giggly bouncing girl {Katy} and you have:
-smiles that light up the room

-the attention of my whole family {even the dog and cat}

-squishy dippers that can stink up a room
-a sleepy baby taking a cat-nap on your lap
-the discover of tupperware as so much more than just a container,
but now a play toy
-little hands restyling our hair
-new toys that Heidi was disappointed to discover were not for her
-little eyes that lit up to discover the wonders of our Christmas tree
-a contagious laugh that kept us in a blissful mood all night


  1. Oh my goodness--whose little angel is that? Love the pajamas:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Rachel and Marty Rosendahl! Isn't she a cutie and such a good baby!


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