a historic day in Eau Claire

It is a historic day here in Eau Claire, and even in Wisconsin. The Governor has declared the state of Wisconsin in a state of EMERGENCY! With almost 2 feet of snow and winds up to 40 miles an hour, we are in the midst of a blizzard.

This morning I bundled up in a hat, 4 layers, 2 pairs of sicks and my snow boots, trudged through 2 feet of unplowed snow to get to ILC {thinking it was still open} only to discover that it was CLOSED!! Speaking to the neighbors along the way shoveling and trying to displace the feet of snow, they made comments like this, "I have never seen a blizzard like this since I've lived here!" or "Anybody's crazy to try to drive in this weather." They are all right! Our Governor has declared it unsafe to travel in the snow, and to stay home unless of an emergency! For the first time in about 30 years, both ILC and UWEC are closed!! I'm not sure that the kids at ILC really know what to do, but the excitement in the air is tangible! Josh told my this morning, "Snow day snow day snow day!!!! The whole dorm was yelling and screaming when we found out school was canceled!!!!!" This will be a day to be remembered in our history books!! And for those who have no choice but to drive, please be carful and drive with causion! Happy Snow Day!!!

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