1 year ago

It's been 1 year. One year since my fiance surprised me under the Golden Gate bridge with an engagement ring and a question to follow. I can remember the numbing feeling wash over me as I stared at the sparkling ring.

It still gives me the chills thinking back to our California vacation. I remember my mind instantly turning into 'wedding mode' as I thought about when we would tie the knot, what our colors would be, who would stand up with us.... I guess others had the similar thoughts because we instantly got showered with questions, and I was all to eager to bounce ideas off of anyone who would listen.

I can never tell my now huband enough how special it was that he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together in such a special place. San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities, but now I love it as the city where Brian became my fiance.

After we got engaged we celebrated with a trip on the famous cable cars and a visit to the Ghirardelli factory for a ice cream sunday.

This morning Brian ran a few errands including taking my car to get the oil changed, {what a good husband he is} grabbing a few groceries, and he also surprised me with the ingredients for our own Ghirardelli sundays. It felt like our engagement celebration all over again.

If you know my husband well, you know that he is not the best at keeping secrets. He kept this surprise {the presents pictured below} from me for a full 30 minutes before caving in and giving me my valentine's gift early. He truly does spoil me.

It's nights like this where I can't believe just how blessed we are. I sit here in bed with my hubby cuddled up sleeping beside me and I catch myself thinking back to a year ago. We had only been dating for 8 months, and while some may say that's no time at all, we knew where our forever's were going. We knew that our forever's would be with each other.

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