heart-day cards

As I promised yesterday in my ten on ten post, here is a little sample of some of the valentine cards that I made this year. To some people Valentine's day might just be a hallmark greeting card day, but I think of it as a special day where love is the main theme. This doesn't mean that people should spend lots of money on flowers or chocolate {even though that is a very sweet gesture}. This is just an extra special day that we can show our love for others.

In my opinion the less spent is better, and homemade gifts are the way to go. Now for the men that doesn't mean that they have to create a hand crafted pop-up card, but just maybe something out of the box. A dear friend shared with me her favorite Valentine gift of all times: a hand written letter from her husband of 20 years in a picture frame. Something so simple that can mean so much.

Valentine's day also gives me an excuse to decorate the house in various shades of pink and red, which I would never be able to pass up!

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