heart-day decor

With 2 new banners in our living room in some festive shapes and colors, it's beginning to look like February around here. There are colors of blossoms, apples, frosting, blushed cheeks, raspberries, baby girls, fresh flowers, watermelons, and lavender fill our home with the hope of spring. Daylight is holding on a little longer every day and I can almost smell the warms winds of spring. I say almost because the temperature is still hoovering in the single digits, but the hope of spring is keeping me warm.

Until those blissful days, I am keeping busy with school, of course, and my ever growing craft corner. I've been simple dizzy with all the crafting potential ideas in my head, but this week I fulfilled one of them: heart day decor. This is a peak at the banners that I made thanks to the lovely patterns from here.
While watching a few of my favorite classic movies: Persuasion and Northanger Abbey I was inspired by the old world charm to get the sewing machine out. I made a few strands of heart day inspired paper garlands to continue the festive spirit. It's the easiest decoration that a person can make, all you need is a few paper punches {at least 2 different sizes} and a sewing machine. It's as easy as it sounds!

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