just when I wanted to give up

After 5 long days of no eye make-up I am happy to say that I am back to the mixing and blending of eye shadows, the lining and smudging of my eyeliner, the curling and coating of my lashes. It's the simple pleasures of life that seem to get to you when you are denied of them from a little sickness that, lets just say it makes your eyes a pinker shade than the normal white.

I was also graced by a painful ear infection, but with some hot pink medication {prescribed by my doctor} I am on the road to recovery. These past 5 weeks have been a roller coaster filled with tissues, many naps, nightquil {the kind that makes you gag even thinking about it}, saltine crackers, and many bowls of soup.

Can you guess what I've been up to?

Yes, it's been a rough cold season for me and my weak immunity, but I hope that there will be no more false alarms. This time and I hope I am better for good. Over the past few weeks there have spurts of feeling better, but then a few days I am greeted with a new string of the cold that I thought I just said farewell to. I know I am not alone with this type of sickness though, I truly hope you have not been taken over by this aswell. This pre-spring season seem to be filled with colds that keep their victims captive for more than the normal week or so? I just hope I can be done with going to bed at 8 {feeling like I should really be adding a few decades to my age} and waking up 10 hours later still feeling exhausted. It's time to get back to my crafting corner, for it's been far too long...

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