happy heart-day

It's finally here with it's happy colors and surprisingly warm weather! Now it may not be as warm as the weather was when I took the picture above {in Mexico 2 summers ago}, but with a little time it'll get there.

Yesterday the thermometer in my car got up to a surprising 47 degrees, and this morning I heard one of the best sounds one can hear at this time of year. Birds chirping. There's nothing like the hope of spring filling you from head to toes when you can hear the wonderful sounds of the birds chirping. Even with the icky colored snow we couldn't be more thankful for a change in the weather. I hope you are enjoying your love inspired day!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't this weather heavenly?! :) I feel as though we're getting a little bit of hope...a passing glance at the spring we most certainly deserve! :)

    Happy V-day to you, too, Emily! :)


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