this weekend

It's weekends like these that have you start preparing a few days in advanced. There's just so much to do and not enough time. Now at the risk of sounding like a certain little bunny rabbit, I'll move on to the main events coming up for this next weekend.

One of my dear friends is coming to town tomorrow and I can't wait to see her! We'll spend the earlier part of Saturday on a little road trip. Can't wait to catch up!!

Another one of my friends is celebrating the golden number of 21 and we are celebrating with a girls night. A few items on the agenda: a trip to Olive Garden all dressed up in our fancy apparel, heading back for a leisurely night of ice cream cake {which I made yesterday and is pictured above}. I'm a little nervous to bring a cake over to the celebration seeing as though the birthday girl is an expert at it. She actually is, I'm not just saying that, she does it for her job! Yikes! I hope they like it.

Sunday will start off with a baptism of a special little boy. One of my girlfriends is the godmother and couldn't be happier that this little boy decided to grace us with his presence. After that work will take up a few hours of my time, which leaves a few hours to party!

The evening of will be spent with some amazing girls celebrating an event we have waited months for! It's Oscar night and we can't wait. I made the suggestion to my older sis that we make an Oscar cake, and she gave me that responsibility. A little nervous about how that will look, but as long as it tastes good i think we'll be ok. I'll make sure I take pictures {even if it looks dismal, and it just might} and show you on Monday. I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoys all the glitz and glamor of the red carpet!

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