my novel adventure: emma

Many months ago I attempted to take a stab at the great Jane Austen {as my new adventure}, but alas failed. I failed due to limited time for such a luxury of reading for my own enjoyment. Now that school is pushed out of my thoughts, I have ventured to start Emma again. If it were up to me, I would spend all my days locked up in my room with the book, but life is too busy for such a dream as that.

Some have told me that Emma is the hardest to get though, and if they are right it will be smooth sailing after Emma. The content can seem a little trying at times when Jane Austen spend 2 pages on the different cuts of pork there are and which ones to give the the Bates.

While I have seen the movie dozens and dozens of times, the book pulls you into a different world, letting your mind wander to what each scene may appear to be {different for each reader}. So here I go again, making another attempt at the 6 novels of Jane Austen. I will follow the order from 'The Jane Austen Book Club' and let you know how it goes.... up next Mansfield Park!

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