3 wonderful mothers

These are the 3 wonderful mothers {my mom and grandmas if you couldn't tell} who have shaped my life over the past 20 or so years. It is because of these strong and independent women that I have received not only my life blood but a few more things: my middle name, my obsession with ice cream, my creative abilities, my passion for cooking, my crocked second toes, my dark brown eyes, my knack for organization and much more.

Without these amazing women I would not be the women that I have become. They have been such an influence to so many people and I can never thank them enough for all the love that they have brought to this world. So happy mother's day to mom, grandma drews, and grandma ryan!


  1. Is your mom Mary Ryan who once lived in Milpitas, CA? If so, we were in the same Las Madres group!

    Jennifer's Mom

  2. Yes! She is Mary Ryan!! Wow, small world!


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