real simple: organizing for your personality

Organize your life, that's the name of the game or the name of the magazine for this month. Last month I shared the cover art of my first issue of Real Simple magazine, but I decided to make a series of it. Each month when my new Real simple magazine comes in the mail, I'll pick out an article and share a little preview with the blogging world.

The article I picked for this month is Organizing for you Personality, because everyone has their own way. Some line up and label while others lay out with style. Whether you are white glove tidy or a pile maker, you can find a strategy that will match to you ways. After a left-brain right-brain quiz determining your possible organization system, the article goes on to share a few ideas. With each idea about: keepsakes, jewelry, and photos there are options for both left-brained and right-brain organizers. Some may know that I love to organize, I mean if it was up to me {well, I won't go on} so this article was bliss to me!!

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