new favorite flats

Strolling thought the rows and rows of shoes in Target on Sunday, I happened upon these adorable little flats. Seeing as I am on the tall side, I normally don't venture into heels too often for 2 reasons {1. I don't have the best balance and tend to trip often, heels not really helping and 2. I don't need to be any taller that I already am}. Sometimes when you aren't looking, a little treat will surprise you, on Sunday that came in the form of my new favorite shoes.


  1. Excellent choice! I have the same ones and LOVE them! They just jazz up any outfit! Hope you enjoy them!

  2. I've been oogling these (because I'm certain they'll go with ANYTHING)...but for some reason they just make my feet look funny!

    So happy others are snatching them up. They couldn't be any more fabulous!!


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