poor little lamb

So you might be wondering why I have a picture of this poor little puppy with {what the vets call it} an Elizabethan collar. Our dog Heidi had surgery last week, but due to her over active self, she pulled out a few of the sutures. She has to wear one of these little collars for the next 2 weeks {and she has already managed to pull it off 4 times}.

I would have rather just taken a picture of out sad little pup but alas, my mom objected. She responded in retaliation with informing me that if I looked like that, I would not really appreciate a picture displaying that. My Dad's response was typical male, informing the fact that dogs are not people and wouldn't know the difference {gotta love the male perspective}.

I feel bad for our little lamb, but that didn't stop us from laughing hysterically when my dog {not yet accustomed to her extended neck} proceeded to ram into every protruding objects in our house. So far she has swiped pictures off the fridge, hit numerous objects close the the floor, and hit many door frames while trying to exit through them. She is acting as though she is in on the joke, loving the extra attention.

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