now, I know

Last summer I made one of my favorite purchases I've ever done. I had been thinking it through and carefully looking at dozens of them in many different stores. I invested in a camera. To be exact it's a Canon Power Shot SX10 IS, and it became my little baby. Ever since them I have been joyfully snapping away moments of my life and loving every minute of it.

I always thought I had just picked up on this blissful hobby by maybe the influence of others, but now I know, I got it from my daddy! This weekend my dad got out his amazing film camera with it's numerous lenses and I was amazed. I remember various vacations or life moments were my dad would capture them on the "big expensive camera that we were never aloud to touch." {well that's what I thought as a kid, and now understand why he was so protective.}

It is special to share a love for something with your parents, that you both have in common and can discuss. After hearing the fun stories from my dad about the days of film cameras, I took the camera out for a little photo shoot displaying it in all it's glory.

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