ironwomen tournament

This past Saturday consisted of a rugby tournament full of excitement and intrigue! My sister is a Rugby player for UWEC and they hosted an Iron Women tournament this weekend. They played 4 tiring games and came in 2nd place, losing only my 1 kick.

From 9 until 5 there was all sorts of girls on many different teams tackling, kicking and throwing each other to the ground.

Not only was there dozens of rugby games, but games, prizes, concessions, and amazing t-shirts {that my sister designed by the way} All in all it was a great way to spend my Saturday, chatting with some of the girls on my sister's team and cheering on with friends, {pretending we knew the rules and therefore knew what we were talking about, yeah, not so much}!

{and that's what happens when you don't wear a mouth guard, you get sandwiched between 2 girls, your lip splits open and bleeds, and you get to take a visit to the hospital}

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