take a load off

When life's getting a little crazy, or a day too stressful there are few things that can take the load off quite like Gilmore Girls. I have seen each episode a number of times, but even knowing many of the quick witty lines by heart doesn't seem to discourage numerous viewings.

If you are a fan, what's one of your favorite Gilmore moments, episodes or characters?


  1. I've gotta say, I love the banter and L+L had when they were first starting out. I know that this might not be everyone's opinion, but Rory and Jess were always my favorite. I hated the last season with Lorelei and Christopher--too late and kinda weird. Oh and Dave! Short-lived but oh so sweet! So many good things about that show...can you tell I'm a Gilmore Girl?! :)

  2. Oh yes...love the GG. The episode with Luke & Lorelai dancing that you have pictured above is one of my FAVES. I loved when Rory & Logan were just starting out, too. Those beginning of relationship episodes...so fun!
    (Can you tell Amanda and I used to watch GG together? With, of all people, my DAD.)


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