new role

Intern, girl with the stickers and treats, medical assistant, errand runner, mean person with the shots, nurse, new blood in the clinic, the vital taker. These are all names that have been describing me for the last 3 weeks as a Medical Assistant intern.

I can't even describe how different it is to be on the other side of the books and out in the real world interacting with patients. You never really know how you will do with tasks like injections, till you are holding a little girl down {who is screaming bloody murder} with everything you have to keep her safe and still, from movement that could hurt her.

I never thought I'd be able to handle a few things that I've already witnessed but I am enjoying it more every day, with the new responsibilities that are being given to me. I have been in family practice, and now am moving on to urgent care next week. I sort of know what to expect from shadowing a few days in a different urgent care unit, but I'm sure it will have it's own set of surprises.

It has been such an amazing opportunity for me and I would encourage anyone to seek out an internship. It is so worth your time and it really gets you into your field without the added pressure of a real job. I am still surprised some days that I landed myself in the medical field, because 5 years ago I would have just laughed at you if you told me were I would be now. It's moments like these were we have to remember: the planes we have for our own lives really never measure up to what God has in store for us.

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