trip to Cali

I am back from my 3 weeks of vacationing....to jump right into my internship 2 days later. I have already completed my third day and my head is spinning. I have a feeling it will continue to keep on spinning till I am done in 9 weeks time and graduate in September. There will be much more on that later, but now for a little catch-up. Last week was spent in the sunshine, in my home state California and lets just say I went picture crazy. I had my camera out at every possible moment and it is now resting in my camera bag from its week of being very over worked.
We spent the week as tourists, visiting some of our favorite cities like Sunnyvale to San Francisco, from San Jose to Monterey. While we did get to see many of our friends, there simply wasn't time to do 1/2 of what I had on my imaginary list. I'm sure there will be a trip coming up soon where will be able to enjoy much more of our favorite places.One thing I miss tremendously about California is the people. Both sets of Grandparents live there along with dozens of friends!It's been years since I visited the Monterey Bay {not Bat Aquarium Brian} Aquarium and I must say, it has changed since I was there last. Even though there are new exhibits or expanded walls, this place is full of memories from my childhood that will never change.How often can we say "Lets go have a picnic on the ocean beach!" It's been way too long!It was an action filled vacation and one that I will never forget. Visiting all my friends and family makes me want to visit even more. There is only one other state where I can say words like these when I get off the plane "It feels good to be home!"

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