travel bug


it has been a luxury in my world as of late. yes, i did make a few trips over the summer, but I am getting the itch to spread my wings and travel. i want to travel to a foreign country and embrace their culture, their food, their way of life.

my travel fantasies {not in any specific order, by the way}:

{1} Rottendam, Netherlands: to attend the Gymnastics World Championships
{2} Ireland country side: to escape into the wonders of beauty
{3} Orlando, Florida: to explore the wonderful world of Harry Potter{4} Tahiti: to know, not just imagine, that the water is really that crystal clear blue{5} Bremen, Germany: to immerse myself in the culture
{6} Greece: to loose myself in the beauty{7} Prague, Czech Republic: to explore & because it come highly recommended from my sister{8} Brugges, Belgium: i want to have a real 'Belgium waffle' =)
{9} Bali, Indonesia: to marvel at life{10} Rome, Italy: to find myself

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