embracing it

fall is beginning to infiltrate our lives:
department stores are filling the windows, shelves, and racks with new fall outfits.
our nights are getting colder.
students are returning to their classrooms and back to the books.
halloween boutiques are starting to fill up, awaiting their avid shoppers.
apples are getting right for the picking.

today was a whirlwind of shopping/bridal shower/visiting with friends that I haven't see in quite a while {more on that latter}. a few hours before the shower consisted of a little trip to the 'great mall.' with the seasons changing, I figured it was time to do a little pre-fall shopping. while I may visited quite a few windows, I found what I was looking for in 2 of my favorite stores: GAP, H&M. Gap was where I made my first purchase and found this lovely vintage cardigan:
H&M was my second spender, and I found an assortment of layers to go along with my new cardigan. with emerald greens, vibrate blues and a variety of pre-existing scarfs I am ready to welcome fall in with open arms {just not quite yet, give us a few more weeks}. fall is going to be here soon, so why not enjoy it's upcoming arrival.

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