a few of my favorites about august

{1} the weather is warm and inviting
{2} fruit is abundant in both colors and flavors
{3} juicey popcicles are dripping down sticky little hands and arms
{4} pools are spilling over with happy little kids
{5} so many are out relaxing in the warm rays of sun
{6} it always seems to have a wedding or two in to
{7} flowers are in bloom and filling the air with their wonderful fragrance
{8} so many are traveling with their families to new unexplored places
{9} yard sales seem to be occupying every corner on the weekends
{10} parks are being explored
{11} relaxing under the stars is a must
{12} families gather to camp and roast marshmallows on the campfire
{13} farmer's markets are filled to the brim with fresh veggies and fruits
{14} even though it's a little premature, school supplies are being put on the shelves
{15} it's bursting with birthday's {including mine}

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