here i go again

so, who out there is a gymnastics fan?? anyone? well, I am a die heart fan. I have been ever since I took my first gymnastics classes as a little girl. even though I might not be the most coordinated, I still love to follow gymnastics. you already know that I love the winter olympics, but once every four years the summer games take place and keeps me glued to the tv. the summer olympics have held me at bay ever since I first started watching them many moons ago.

now you might be wondering why I am talking about the summer olympics, well that's not till 2012. till then there are many other gymnastics competitions to keep me in love with the sport. this week is the visa championship held in hartford connecticut, and I can hardly wait.

some of the girls from the 2008 olympic team like Chellsie Memmel, Samantha Pezek, and Bridget Sloan, will be there along with some new but very promising faces like Rebecca Bross and Ivana Hong. so exciting!!

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