the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, Academy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Grammys all have something in common. they pay tribute with awards to those who have entertained us for the last year. they honor those who light up Broadway, fill our eyes with tears, dance their way around the screen, and make us laugh so hard out tummies hurt. tonight it's the Emmy's turn to fulfill dreams. one of my favorite shows is Glee, and they are up for a staggering 19 nominations. this musical sensation might be the surprising show to break records, or {due to the new nominees which doesn't always result in wins} they could be drenched in slushy, so to speak.

some of their nominations include:
outstanding comedy
outstanding make-up
best actor in a comedy {Matthew Morris as Will Schuester}
best actress in a comedy {Lea Michele as Rachel Berry}
outstanding cast for a comedy
outstanding supporting actor in a comedy {Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummed}
outstanding supporting actress in a comedy {Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester}
outstanding costumes

I'll also be watching for shows like House, Lost and Grey's, but Glee is probably the one I will be cheering for the most. what every happens, nominations are still an honor in themselves. one other thing I'll be watching: the outfits. we'll get to see the best and worst of hollywood in their dressed up apparel. can't wait to see what the trend will be for this year. who are you excited to watch? who are your favorites to win?


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  2. Oh man, Best Actor, Drama:
    Bryan Cranston
    'Breaking Bad'

    Michael C. Hall

    Hugh Laurie

    Jon Hamm
    'Mad Men'

    Matthew Fox

    Kyle Chandler
    'Friday Night Lights'

    I've never seen Mad Men, but the rest are all fantastic!!! I wouldn't know who to pick! Especially between the top three...


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