my latest additions

this is the story of my new dishes....

last weekend I went shopping with a friend {Carly} to pick out a few items for her new apartment. among the many aisles of bath towels and kitchen ware, I got inspired to do a little impromptu shopping myself. even though I am not on my way out of my parents house, I thought it might not hurt to take a little look at the kitchen dinnerware at my favorite store {can you guess by now....target}.

my eye caught upon an adorable set of dinner plates, cups, small plates, salad bowl, deep bowls, and adorable non-slip tray. I totally fell in love and checked the price. Everything in my favorite color pallet combination {turquoise and yellow} was on sale. I instantly collected a set of all that I wanted. a few others stole aways escaped from the shelves into my steadily heavier basket.

I now have 4 storage bins of delightful supplies for my future home. my thought is "if you have to buy these sort of things eventually, you might as well purchase them along the way. instead or flustering to get items for your new home at the last minute, get a few items at a time in advance. it will also be easier on the pocket book that all at once in the end." how do you feel? did you make all your purchases at once, or a few here and there along the way. I wonder how it has worked for you?

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