Dear John

Nicholas Sparks is know for his emotionally stirring movies that leave your eyes puffy the next morning. His book Dear John is no different. While sitting in an over populated and anxious movie theater {awaiting the start of the much anticipated New Moon movie} I saw a preview for Dear John, a new movie based on the book my Nicholas Sparks set to premier on February 5th. Turning to Noelle and Megs beside me we all smiled and instantly knew that we not only needed to see the movie, but read the book. Before I started my Jane Austen adventure I bought the book for Noelle, Megs and I to read together. I read the novel and was instantly captivated by the story that Nicholas Sparks had created. He brings you into his own world and you can't help but be entranced. A few years ago I wouldn't have been able to handle this sort of emotion story, but now know that the emotion it conveys is what keeps us connected to each other. That might sounds strange, but the book is excellent and highly recommended. Even though I cried the last 1/3 of the book it was worth the tears and the puffy eyes in the morning.
P.S. The song played in the back round for the preview is an amazing new song by Snow Patrol: Set Fire To The Third Bar. It describes the premise for the movie so explicitly.

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