expression of love {1}: a cozy movie

I can't believe that we've already entered the wonderful month of February. This month brings many things: the end of January {which here in Midwest can be a little chilly}, Valentine's Day {one of my favorite holidays}, the hope of spring, the closer approaching excitement of Tour Choir and many other splendid events.

Now that we're entered the month of February I thought I would set a little inspiration to the page with ideas for Valentine's day. I'm not into spending money on this holiday, it's just fun to spend an extra day with your loved one. With 14 more days till the splendid day, that gives me 14 opportunities to share expressions of LOVE, whether it's a song, an idea for a special date, a romantic movie, a lovely treat, or a special craft.

For my first Expression of Love I decided to share one of my favorite movies with you. It is filled with dedication, love, and sacrifice. Most people don't know that this is an all time favorite of mine {probably due to the fact that I cry like a baby when I watch it}. Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck star in the fantastic but beautifully sad movie Armageddon.

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