the ladies skate with grace

The whole world watched as Joannie Rochette stepped out onto the ice. She was met with a standing ovation and so much love and respect especially from her home country, Canada. Only 4 days after her mother's death she skated to bronze with grace and emotion, dedicating her success to her mom. I'm sure everyone would have understood if she wanted to return home to her family, but she persuaded on with the whole world's support.

Rachel Flatt and Mirai Nagasu were such a joy to watch with their spunk and excitment. They were inspiring to watch all the way from Nationals to the Olympics!

'Queen Kim Uh-Na' she is called, and for good reason! Her exquisite performances shattered the records and I don't think too many were surprised at her amazing accomplishment! The most anticipated event {for myself} ended with spectacular grace and excitement for years to come!

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