project cleanse: hall closet

organize our hall closet

Organization makes me a happy girl. I feel more relaxed and way more on top of my game when the 
things around me are organized. Ever since I moved in with my hubby 6 months ago, we have been filling up our hall closets, and even though they span the length of our hallway, we still have managed to fill them full. I spend too much time jumping up and down to try to get a better look at what’s really on them, and I end up pulling down a whole shelf’s content to see what is all up there. This had to end.

I first emptied the entire content onto our family room floor. I decided on what type of storage would work best for us and I measured the shelves, estimating how many storage baskets we would need. I don’t know about you, but when I can make something both organized & cute, I am all for it. I sped off to one of my favorite stores {The Container Store} and was instantly in ‘organization heaven’. I picked out these gems and labeled then to match the content of our closet. What do you think?!

There is just something so satisfying about opening up our closets, seeing everything organized in it's own place, and enjoying the benefit of it being cute while also being functional.

Next week, I rid our apartment of clutter.

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