project cleanse: bedroom closet

organize & clean our bedroom closet

We enjoyed a crazy weekend that made it impossible to progress on my project cleanse, but I'm back again with a cleaner bedroom closet. For the past few weeks {more like months if I'm being perfectly honest} I have been wanting to switch out my thick cozy sweaters & warm boots for floral skirts & bright flip-flops. The weather has not been cooperating how we would like it to be. This time of year we are supposed to have blue skies, warm sunshine beating down with us, and our boats in the water. This spring has been a different story, but we are finally getting some warmer temperatures. We certainly did break the record books this year, and not in a good way.

I am somewhat on the tall side, but I'm not quite tall enough for the shelves in our bedroom closet. To prevent me from just throwing various items on the top shelf, I used two clear containers to I could still see that was in them. It makes organization much better when there really is no excuse to make a mess of my closet anymore. On the second shelf I got 2 more linen baskets {same as the ones for the hall closet}and labeled them with jeans & sweats.

Finally there are some spring clothes in my closet. I did the whole switch-a-roo and put away my winter clothes to make room for my summer ones. I don't care that it might dip back down in temp a little, but I am determined to start wearing florals and bright colors again.

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