one word wednesday: today

Today I caught my first fish, well the first fish that I can ever remember catching. Of course in true "Emily fashion" I started squealing & screaming as I reeled it in. It flopped it's way off the hook right into our boat and again the squealing started. My hubby finally got a hold of it and I managed to snap a shot.

And here she is. Or maybe he, not so sure about that.

You will notice those aren't my hands holding that cute little fish.

Growing up I wasn't raised around lakes where people learned to fish when they were 3. I think I had a plastic Elmo fishing rod when I was little, but never caught anything. Even when I was a counselor at came I went on the fishing trips with the kids. Kids all around me would be catching sunnies left and right, but me...nope. Not a one.

I won't bate my hooks with leaches or worms because to be completely honest, it grosses me out. My husband will never understand how I can deal with cleaning people's infected wounds at work but I can't deal with touching a fish. Maybe the reason is because working in the medical field is my job. I do not have to grab the slimy fish or skewer worms on a hook.

That's what my husband is for, right? I'm sure I will get the hang of it eventually. Maybe

P.S. After the fish was happily back in the water I looked around to see if anyone else was catching fish only to see 3 middle aged men laughing at my girly tendencies. I guess I did scream a little loud, oops!!

Join in next week on one-word-wednesday with the theme word: reflection.

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