my new companion

I have finally joined modern technology and took the plunge of smart phones. For years I promised myself I would never really need a smart phone, but when Brian got one all bets were off. Once I really saw just how much can be done with a smart phone I was just biding my time till I was due for an upgrade. After a terrible storm and me dropping my phone in a puddle, I now had a real reason to upgrade my chunky high school very outdated phone.

After lots of research I decided on the Samsung Exhibit II and have been pretty happy with it. Along with the phone comes the new perks, like finally joining the Instagram bandwagon {username Blissfulmae}.

While I am loving my phone I have resisted to be totally obsessed with it. It's been helpful when it comes to wedding planning, email, staying up to date and connected with people, but it's just a phone. I have taken my cues from fellow bloggers Beth and Jessica, and know that this new piece of technology will not run my life. Technology should just be one of the ways that we connect with people, it should not define our relationships or our lives.

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