color tour of our apartment

Ever since Brian and I got engaged there have been lots and lots of questions asked about us.

Where will you live?
When will you start applying for jobs?
Will you move back the town where both your parents & lots of friends currently live?
When and how many kids will you have? {the most popular one
Is your place really right on the lake?
What is the color palette for you apartment?

The list goes on and on of the wonderful questions Brian and I have been peppered with over the past few months. With 3 wedding showers coming up, I am getting the last question on my list asked a few times a week. So I thought of a good way to share with people what colors we have picked to liven up our new place.

The other day I made a special trip to the paint store {not for paint of course} but to picked out some fabulous colors swatches to send by 'snail mail' to those who have been inquiring about our place. I was literally in the process of cutting and pasting some pictures from the internet for those who were inquiring and ready to send them in an envelope when it hit me like a brick wall. HELLO Emily, what is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, inspiration with others? If you aren't there already you are as slow as I am today...my blog. That is how big of a "blogging rut" I am in lately. I credit this epiphany to Nate Berkus, he always gets my creative ideas flowing.

Anyway, short story very long... here is a 'color tour' of our apartment. {Side note this is not our place, these are just pictures that I take inspiration from}

Family Room & Kitchen: sea foam blue, cream, white, chocolate, tan

Bedroom & bathroom: cranberry, cream, tan, chocolate, taupe

Photo credit: all these pictures are on my pintrest {which has links to each site}

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