fill ins

1.   When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is, check my phone and take my temperature.

2.   I can hardly wait for summer. I looove the warm weather, styling some nice shades, living off of popsicles & ice cream, wearing tank tops, wearing little to no make-up, sporting a little tan....

3.   The quickest way to my heart is a sweet kiss/rubbing my back {or if you are not my fiance}a tight embrace because that makes my feel loved and treasured.

4.   A little known fact about me is that when I talk to myself in my head {which happens quite often} it's with a British accent. Weird I know, but Lauren wanted something that not many people know, or in my case nobody knows...till now.

5.   The best part about my job is that I get to help people in a very direct way. One of my jobs is in the medical field, I get to care for them, console them, be a shoulder to lean on or just a good listener. I also work with kids, and a little smile, 2 arms reaching out for me, hearing the word "teacher" exclaimed and knowing they are trying to get my attention...that makes all the challenging days totally worth it.

6.   Something I just can't live without is my family {and my extended family of friends}. There would be no living without them.

7.   Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is survive in the wilderness. Maybe it's the influence of reading The Hunger Games, but if I were stranded out in the woods I would probably die in a matter of hours!

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  1. Working with kids can make your days so much better sometimes :)


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