wedding jitters

Just a little sneak preview of the engagement pictures we took this weekend, thanks so my sister, the maid of honor.

Random but true, I have had some strange day dreams, and fears about our upcoming wedding. Don't get me wrong, I have never been happier, but it can be a little nerve racking. I guess B has gone through something similar, {just another thing we have in common....worry}. He had a dream about getting stuck in the bathroom while our wedding service was supposed to start. Not exactly earth shattering, but not the best way to awake from sleep.

My fears have been a little more substantial: like what if it rains....what if a DIY project that I spent hours on suddenly went wrong and I have to pitch a projects that I poured dozens of hours that into....what if one of the bridesmaids suddenly gets sick....what if there's a snow storm!! Yikes! My head just starts spinning when I think about all the things that could go wrong.

I'm sure there isn't anyone in their right mind that couldn't get stressed out from a little worry on their wedding day. But instead of worrying about what could happen, I have decided to put my effort into thinking about what will happen:

#1 I am blessed enough to marry and be bonded to the love of my life

#2 B and I get to declare our love for each other in front of our friends and family

#3 We get to have an amazing party {lasting days before and after} to celebrate our marriage

#4 Even if something goes wrong, the Lord has a reason for it

#5 After we get married we won't have to travel every weekend to spend time with each other

#6 We will be going on a honeymoon to relax after our action packed few months

#7 We get to decorate our very own apartment and make a new life together

#8 Our family member numbers will double in size as we join each others

#9 We will have fabulous photos and memories that will last a life time

#10 The Lord has blessed us with spending the rest of our lives as best friends

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  1. Aaron and I used to say, "if at the end of the day you end up married to each other, that's all that really matters." Makes the worrying less intense. (and if it makes you feel better--it poured right after our wedding service and during the first part of our outdoor reception, but everything turned out ok. :D )


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