this week's to-do list

- attend to my growing pile of laundry
- call a few of my fabulous girlfriends whom I miss so dearly
- make the final plans & begin a packing list for my upcoming trip
- dig my summer clothes out of storage and sort through the colorful clothing in preparation for next week
- paint my nails a fabulous shade of baby pink
- get a few blog posts ready for my week of absence
- clean & organize my room/office/bathroom
- clean my car, from the messy/disorganized inside to the salty/dirt crusted outside
- update my hair-do with a some fresh highlights
- prep charts {at work} for next week, so it will be a smooth transition for the CMA taking over in my absence
- get started on the ever-so-fun task of taxes
- spend time with a few friends, before I become incommunicado for a week
- have a quick chat with all the amazing people we will be staying with in California
- eat healthy and stay active to help with stress
- run a few errands to target, walgreens
- catch up on a few of my tv shows that I am so far behind with
- place a few online orders that I have been meaning to accomplish for a few week
 - fit in a few plasma appointments
- enjoy this amazing 'winter' weather that we have been blessed with

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