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With this new year comes new challenges and adventures that we all aspire to. For me, this spring I am training for a 1/2 Marathon with my mom. Now don't be too impressed, I am power walking some of it, but I would like to try my hand {well more like my feet} at running some of the miles. I wish I could train to run it all, but after a knee problem that I developed in high school, it prevents me from running for longer then a few miles

I did participate in a 1/2 marathon a few years ago but didn't take it to seriously and didn't think I would really need to train for it. Boy was I ever wrong!! By the end of those 13 miles I had blisters, pulled muscles, and I felt like my legs would rip into a dozen pieces. I had never felt quite like that and I promised myself I never would again. After all, it wasn't a casual 13 mile stroll where I could stop to sniff the flowers and take a break, this was hours of power walking and running in short sprints.

This time it will be much different. I made an 11 week schedule for my mom and I, that has us training 6 days a week with the goal being our 1/2 Marathon. Along with the fitness plan I will also be restricting my diet and trying to fuel my body with the proper nutrient that it will need for the training that I will under go. We will be starting right after B and I get back from California, on our strict fitness plan!

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