what I am lovin in december

By now, you probably know what these are all about, if not you can check out my previous 'what I am lovin in {enter month here}'. December was one of those totally crazy months that flew by, and so much happened. I haven't been blogging as much as I've wanted to as of late, but a goal for this year is to focus more on my blog and branch out in new directions with it.

Seasonal Christmas Celebrations
This month everything from wrapping Christmas presents to decorating the house in festive decor, this month had a very distinct theme. In this picture, our cute little kitty tried to help me wrap presents while I sprawled my Christmas tools all over the family room coffee table.
Photo source: my own photo

Revlon Lip Butter
These have been a recent necessity of mine. I am not normally a fan of lipstick so these are perfect for me. They provide plenty of moisture while giving a wash of color.
Photo source: here

Christmas music
There is nothing better than the wonderful sound of Christmas carols during these winter months. I resisted this year to wait till after Thanksgiving to start the music and treasured each day that artists like Amy Grant rang through our house.
Photo source: here

Neutrogena Natural Face & Body Bar
If your are like me, then you like a very clean feeling when it comes to washing my face. I love that squeaky feeling of a clean face and that's what this Neutrogena bar soap does. The original Neutrogena bar {that is supposedly 'fragrance free'} smells terrible but the natural version is amazing.
Photo source: here

Modern Family
Yes, I have another favorite show this month and this one was introduced my my sister. If you want a show that keeps you laughing and entertained, try this one out. My sister graciously gave me the 1st season as a Christmas gift and I've watched almost all of them already.
Photo source: here

Carmel Filled Chocolates
Chocolate has been pretty abundant during this time of year and this season was no different.
Photo source: here

We certainly haven't had much but when the weather permits, I have really enjoyed the beautiful wonderland that snow emits. Even though the weather hasn't dipped below about 20 and we've broken new records for the heat I still wish we could have a little more snow.
Photo source: here

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer
Coffee is always a necessity in my day, but the Christmas season always has the best coffee creamer flavors. I always joke about stocking up for the new year, maybe I'll actually do that this season.
Photo source: here

Oreo Truffles
I have made at least 6 dozen of these amazing truffles. They are the easiest desserts to make {with only 3 ingredients} and they are one of my favorites. I took a few dozen to work and 4 people asked for the recipe. That is a good sign that they are a recipe to keep.
Photo source: my own photo

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