summer vaca

My life has been a little to busy as of late to devote time to my blog. This is a sad reality, but the truth. For the last month or so {ever since the summer season started} I have been pulled in so many directions, from school and friends, to family and vacations, to road trips and so many other activities. And this is not that post to say that it is all calming down. This is the updating post, which is a bridge between the kayos. Bright and early tomorrow I will be boarding a plane....destination sunny California. It has been way too long since I visited my home state and I can't wait. Before I get too ahead of myself, here is a little update of where I've been this past couple of weeks.

Last week was spent on a family vacation in northern MN. We rented a cabin and had the ideal vacation: minimal activity and maximum amounts of relaxing, just what we all needed to recharge our batteries and refresh our worn out bodies. Here are just a few of the over 300 pictures that I captured.

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