'tis the season for: ornaments

Christmas might be the same season all over the world, but it's the particulars that make everyone's Christmas experiences different. Every family has their own special cookie recipes, their own Christmas traditions {which I will be touching on at a later time} and their own tree ornaments.

Some people keep their trees in a box in storage and others adventure out and cut down a fresh one each year, letting it's aroma fill the living room/family room. I think you can guess what side of the fence I sit on, but either way Christmas trees are one of the best traditions.Some may decorate their trees with with popcorn or cranberries strung on a string, but that seems like something out of a movie, or in my case something right out of Gilmore Girls on their 7 trees {Santa's Secret Stuff episode}.

Some decorate with shinny tin/glass balls in different circumferences and different colors to make a symmetrical arrangement. Some use themed colors, lights and ornaments to create a tree shining with a plethora of alike colors.

Our tree is one of those with popcicle ornaments and hand painted crafts made by my sister and yours truly from our early years. It's mixed with family memories, baby shoes, angels, shepards, numerous animals, some sporting memorabilia, and many other amazing ornaments that bring back memories from the past years. There are so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree, but everyone has their own certain way.

What about you? How do you adorn your Christmas tree?

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  1. I loved decorating my tree this year. I had all my old baby ornaments and handmade ornaments that I had seen for years and years mixed with Chad's and the ones we got for our wedding. So much fun!


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