our weekend winter wonderland consisted of...

:one of the biggest, longest, craziest snow storms that I will never forget

:popping in a few Christmas movie and relaxing on the couch {White Christmas & Holiday Inn}

:getting out the sewing machine and fixing a few pieces of clothing that were long over due to be mended

:romping around in the snow on our first big storm of the year

:wishing for only a day that we only had one short driveway, not 2 long ones

:sipping hot tea while sitting by the fire

:making snow angels in the almost 2 feet of fresh powder

:shoveling snow for hours on end, {some of the snow drifts were up to our waist in places}

:marveling at the wonderful winter wonderland that has set in all over the Midwest

:falling asleep to the sound of the wind blowing through our snow covered pines, rattling the window panes

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