photo shoot

Let me introduce you to a lovely friend of mine, Megan. The other day we took a trip around town capturing a few photos, but underestimating just how cold it would be. Of course we managed to picked one of the coldest places her in EC for our first stop, but we managed to get some beautiful shots.It's always been a dream of mine to be a photographer ever since I was a little girl. I think the dream started when I saw the movie Sabrina {the more recent 1995 version}, and from then on I always thought being a photographer would be one of the most romantic jobs. In the movie, Sabrina travels to Paris to see the world and ends up falling in love with the city from behind her camera.

That is what I am desperate to do: travel to Europe. Travel is all I can think about some days {which can be a wonderful distraction}, traveling to different countries and seeing the world in a different way. Being exposed to so many different types of rich culture, beautiful art, and breathtaking landscape seems like the ultimate journey.

I'm a total beginner, but love taking my camera every where I go. It's such an honor to be able to capture amazing moment on film {well now on a memory chip, but film sounds so much better}. I take inspiration from so many different places like here, here and here. It's amazing how different life looks from behind the camera.

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  1. One day, I'll get to travel Europe. One day!


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