'tis the season for: Christmas parties

Last weekend was a hectic one filled with Christmas cheer, movies, many cookies, and some crafty projects. It was a splendid celebration on Saturday night with some pretty amazing ladies. We watched the ever famous Grinch movie {the new one, which I had never seen} baked dozens of cookies, and even had a little gift exchange. The party continued into the night and concluded into the late hours of the morning.

It was a quick ride home + a shower before the next Christmas party at the oh so lovely home of
Jessica! It could not have been a more splendid party, with it's wonderful crafting stations and the lovely company of such stylish ladies. We did it all from Christmas cookie platters and yarn wreaths, to paper garlands and felt flowers. It was such an amazing way to catch up with old friends, and meet so many new & inspiring faces!!

Don't forget to help
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