a blessed year

Sorry that I haven't written in so many days! It feel as though it's been months, but over break I couldn't seem to get inspired. Of course the night I do get inspired is the day before school, but that might just be the reason. As I start this new semester I couldn't move on without summing up the past year. As 2009 fades deeper into the past and school steadily approaches I find myself wondering what this year will hold. If this upcoming year will be anything like this past year, I am in for a busy and hectic, but enjoyable year. This past year was filled with many blessings and adventures. Here are just a few of them that were captured with film:

From start to finish last year was filled with new experiences. I had some crazy adventures, spent a few too many hours in the hospital, experienced hardship that didn't seem to have an end, met many new faces, gained new friends, experienced a complete 180 in my life {which if you know me well I am sure that you've heard that a few times}, visitied friends far away, was a part of 2 weddings where I got to see 2 of my girlfriends marry their best friends, watched more kids that I would have thought, visited places I have never been, met someone so unexpected who has changed my life in the best way possible, and through all this God has lead me to where I am now. All we have to do is trust in Him.

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