back to the books

This week was the beginning to my final semester at Immanuel. I have attended Immanuel for 6 years now and these next months will be my last. It is hard to sum up my feelings about starting school again for the last time here. I'm excited to move on to my next adventure, but will be sad to see Immanuel as part of my past.

Focusing on this semester it will be chalk full of busy days and fun expeditions. I have a lighter work load this semester with only 4 academic classes besides Choir and Tour Choir.
I will be enjoying American history, Art, Old Testament Religion, and Child Psychology {which many of you know, I am oh so very excited about} Anybody out there starting school as well? What type of classes are you taking?

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  1. Hey Em! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in forever (since Nora and Matt were @ ILC. Congrats on almost being done w/school :) Are your folks ever moving back to CA? What are you doing after you finish ILC? Are you moving to another school? Say hi to your mom and dad for me :) Hugs**


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