walking on the river

After receiving snowshoes from my parents for Christmas, I have been all to anxious to try them out. On Sunday Josh and I ventured out in the wintry climate to try something new. If any of you have even been snow shoeing you will know how much it can be. Even though this wasn't ideal for someone like me {lets just say, I'm not the most coordinated person} I ventured out despite my talent for tripping. While walking to the frozen river {and concurring one of my biggest fears} we ventured down the river with our enlarged feet. Even with falling 3 times and sustaining a large green a blue bruise on my shin I would still call our first snowshoe outing a success. The weather was perfect and the air clear. It's times like these that I am thankful for our winters here in Eau Claire. Yes they can seem dismal at times, but every once and a while an adventure may arises that makes it worth it. We've been looking for other ideas to do outside amongst the cool climate. Anyone have suggestions?

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