aspirations for the new year

Well there's nothing like 21 days into the year to share my aspirations for 2011. I wasn't even going to share them but when I saw some fellow bloggers like Marta & Jessica admitting to sharing there's a little late I followed suit and also agree with the phrase 'better late than never.' Also, sharing these ideas with you will also help me to keep on track and try my hardest to achieve these ambitions.
1. Try something new every day.

2. Spend more time with those who really matter in life: family & friends.

3. Not be so afraid of getting hurt and learn to trust again. This past year was one of heart break in my love life and it has left me altered. I am not the same person I once was and find many emotional walls up around me and my heart. Even through the heartbreak, given the choice between the experience of pain and feeling nothing, I would still choose the pain over never feeling love.

4. Spend more time talking to Jesus + building a better relationship with Him.

5. Cross off at least 5 aspirations from my bucket list.

6. Spend more time on our vintage sewing machine. I have some ideas and can't wait to start exploring the world of sewing.

7. Save more instead of spend and save up for my trip.

8. Dip into the literary world and devour more of the written word. There are a few series on my list like the last few Harry Potter books & the Twilight books {both of which I have already read a few times} but I want to read more about how the human body works and try to understand just a little more how the Lord put us all together. I also want to read novels that inspire me to be a stronger woman and to put fear in the past, any suggestions?

9. Live my life to better serve the Lord, in any way that I can.

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